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Patricia, Parent of student who was accepted to every school she applied to, including her first choice, Early Decision

As a parent, prior to working with Jessica, we were unclear of the expectations for applications, essays, resumes, etc. By working with Jessica, the college application process was streamlined. Jessica set milestones so it did not feel overwhelming. Jessica worked directly with my daughter so I felt like my daughter took more ownership in the process and enjoyed working with Jessica. -Patricia

Alex, currently studying at a Top 50 Public University

Hi Jess,
I can't thank you enough for all of your help, guidance and support over the past few months.  I don't know where I would be right now if my mom didn't push me to email you.  You are so amazing and I really appreciate  everything you did for me (from the other side of the world).  Thanks for lowering my mom's anxiety!!


Catherine, accepted to all four schools that she applied to; currently studying International Relations and accepted $20,000 scholarship to 1-year Masters program

When I decided that I wanted to attend grad school, I had no idea where to start. I knew I had to take the GRE but I wasn't sure what they were looking for, or how I should go about writing my personal statements. Honestly, the whole grad school process was a bit elusive to me. While working with Jessica, all of my questions were answered regarding what they were looking for, how I needed to present myself, and that no school is a safety school. I felt extremely well prepared when I finally submitted my personal statements and applications, and confident that I had completed them to the best of my ability. The best thing that happened to me is that I got into BU, my first choice school! Other than that, I learned how to cut down my writing to be more concise. Also, my resume now includes all of my experience and better describes my abilities.


Charles, currently studying at a four-year college in Maryland; international student using F-1 visa

As you already know, thanks to you - I am attending college in Maryland .  I like it here and I am enjoying.  Class will be a little hard at the beginning because I am not used to writing a lot in English.  I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, being there for me whenever I needed, answering all my questions,  and doing things that I guess I was supposed to do.  I wish you all good luck and success.


Danielle, currently studying at Top 25 public university; turned down offer from top 15 private university to enroll at university with a more lucrative scholarship offer; student intends to pursue graduate school

I really didn't know where to start with my college process, so I needed guidance. Working with Jessica was incredible. She was always there to help me and listen to me when I needed her. Without her, I would have not been accepted to the colleges I wanted to be accepted to. I got accepted to superb universities, and I learned how to put together essays in a more coherent manner. She also taught me how to be more on top of my "to do list" and not procrastinate like I always used to do.


Lauren, currently attending Masters program at Columbia; studied at state public university for her Bachelor's degree

I needed help putting my ideas for my graduate school essays into actual words that flowed and came together. Jessica was amazing to work with. She was beyond helpful, understanding, full of great ideas, and helped to make my writing come to life. I would recommend Jessica to all of my friends who need help applying to schools and forming their resumes. She's helped me get into COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY! I truly thank her with all my heart.


Matthieu; international student

Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to inform you! I've bought a plane ticket and I'm ready to start school.  Again I don't know how to thank you for your help the last year... Without you none of that would have been possible.  Thank you very much!


Megan, currently studying at Top 50 university; first choice school

For many high school students, the college application process is known to be stressful, intimidating, nerve-wracking and often torturous. Luckily, I had a completely difference experience. Working with Private Applications did not just help me create an impressive resume, but gave me the confidence to truly explore my full potential and step outside of my comfort zone when applying to universities and planning my future. Jessica and I communicated via Skype and email, and I knew from our first conversation that I was going to end up exactly where I should be. Jessica's unparalleled knowledge, caring and professional disposition and constant reliability made my college application process both a pleasure and a great success.



Rachel; international student; Full Scholarship to Top 25 national university

Hey Jessica,
Got some exciting news.  I got the full scholarship!  Can't wait to see you in person to tell you more.  Thank you thank you thank you!


Tom, international student

Thank you so much for taking such a huge chunk of your time to help me out. I am extremely grateful. I know I will probably be modifying the resume once I do a couple of interviews and find out what I really want to do. Thanks again.


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