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Guidance provided to recent college graduates or current college students applying for internships.  Get assistance with the creation of effective resumes and cover letters.  Gain tips for successful job interviews and learn appropriate corporate and non-profit communication.  

Career Counseling

Guidance provided to students in grades 9-12 and those applying for transfer. Get early assistance with curriculum planning, extracurricular consults, special project strategy sessions, school visits, and summer activity suggestions.  Seniors work on school selections, scholarship search, essays, applications, mock interviews, financial aid negotiation, and more.

College Counseling

Guidance provided to graduates applying to Medical School, Law School, Dental School, Architecture School, Doctorates, MBAs, Master of Science, Master of Arts, and more!  Get help selecting schools, identifying professors for research, articulating education goals, writing essays, and more.

Graduate School Counseling

Private Applications offers competitive hourly and package rates for private counseling.  


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