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Jessica and her team support transitions into academic and career spaces. The period of young adulthood, from its beginning that is marked by the end of high school and its conclusion that is emphasized by confidence in career choice, can be challenging, but also exciting. Jessica and her team believe that all individuals have high potential and an authentic passion. The counselors at Private Applications work closely with high school students, college students, and recent college graduates to find their motivation and provide support to navigate the path towards personal fulfillment, which often requires applications to college, graduate school, and new job positions. 


The process that Private Applications provides is not just for young adults. It is also for the parents, grandparents, and guardians who are equally invested in the process for growth and personal achievement. This includes support to articulate goals, create boundaries, acquire tools, decipher the abundance of information, and diversify experiences.


"Growing up" takes time, sometimes a decade or more of applications, transitions, failures, and accomplishments. The counselors at Private Applications believe it is challenging for most young adults to define success when moving through this unique period of personal development. The process at Private Applications includes guidance for expressing an authentic voice, being realistic, taking risks, using judgment, and finding peace during this stage of life. We encourage Elements for Wellness that include the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Social, Career, Spiritual and Financial. 


Jessica and her team have personally been through the process and can look at each individual and support them as they pursue self-actualization. The team at Private Applications normalizes asking for help because no one needs to grow up alone or go through the application process without support, if they want it.

Why use Private Applications?
Where is Private Applications?


Private Applications takes in-person meetings in South Florida and Albany, New York, including the Capital District, the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, Vermont and nearby.


Some of Jessica's most successful clients have never met her in person. All meetings and work can be done easily over the phone, through Skype, by email, and in person.  


How long does the consulting process take?


Every program is different.  Every application is different. A lot depends on your speed. However, Jessica and her team work with you until you have arrived at your goal and make sure you reach your deadlines.  


Your emails and phone calls will always be answered within 24 hours.


Are the services the same for international citizens?


Services are the same for every student, regardless of where they are from or where they are applying to for higher education. We start by getting to know the student, assessing the resume and then offering bespoke recommendations. International citizens go through the same steps that American students go through, especially when applying to a job, college or graduate school, LLM program, or language school. If a school, job or education program has supplementary procedures for International applicants, Jessica and her team will utilize their knowledge to guide you through the extra steps, including visa consultation, including insight into the I-20, Sevis, OPT and consulate interviews.

When should I contact Private Applications?

The more time you have to work with Jessica and the Private Applications team, the greater chance of achieving positive results.  


Use these guidelines:

Undergraduate program-

Three years to two months before applying. Special packages are available for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors.

Graduate program-

1 year to 6 months before applying (International students need extra time to avoid delays with the I-20 and student visa)

Résumés, Career Launches, and Career Changes- 

Anytime is a good time to have a quality résumé. If you are looking for specific jobs or internships, contact Private Applications for assistance at least two weeks before the deadline.  


I am mid-application and need help. Can you help? 

Many students come to Jessica and her team while in an application crisis.  They are not happy with their essays or resume or they did not get into their first-choice school.  Jessica will alleviate the stresses of the mid-application process.

I still have questions.  What can I do?

Email or contact the team through WhatsApp or Messenger at 1-954-614-6466. You will then receive a link to the scheduling app, Appointlet, so you can make a meeting time at your convenience. 

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