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Virtual Counseling is the preferred method for busy students.



Students and parents appreciate the flexible nature of Skype, Telephone, WhatsApp, Facetime, You-Name-It counseling because it complements the student's busy schedule. Whenever possible, we take the opportunity to meet with students in person, but we find that after the first few in-person sessions, the majority of the work we do is less time intensive. We might have a 15-minute conversation about a summer opportunity or take a few minutes to exchange drafts of an essay. Because the student does not need to drive to an office for a meeting, we can be more efficient, and the student is able to stay in the rhythm of their unique busy schedule.


9:30pm meeting? Late night question, need to send a text message? Check.


Fact of the matter is that 95% of Private Applications students do their college counseling from the comfort of their own space, and they are happier for it.  

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