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Medical School and Business School abroad

Medical School in Europe, Italy, China

Medical School placement available for students with high school or bachelor's degree.  Earn your MD medical degree in 4-6 years, spend less money on tuition, train at the world's leading institutes and hospitals, prepare to practice in the United States. Support provided for USMLE testing and ECFMG qualifications to return to America as a certified phsycian. All medical school programs are taught in English. 

MBA Abroad: Best business schools overseas. 

London, Shanghai, Dubai. Learn business in the leading world capitals. In today's global world, getting your degree overseas is crucial to your success in any international business path that you choose. 

How does Private Applications help?

We connect you with admissions counselors from around the world, alleviate time zone barriers, help you complete the paperwork and pre-admission test requirements.  If interested, we can explain more. 

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